The reduction of emission through effective engine performance is for many years now one of the main goals of CM Technologies.

Therefore, it was our desire to participate at the World Maritime Forumin Copenhagen from 10th to 11th of May.
Matthias Winkler, Managing Director of CM Technologies, presented with great success our Diesel Performance Analyser,
which can optimize combustion and therefore reduce pollution emission. More than 450 participants of the value chain
listened with great care and interest. CM Technologies is proud to present products that contribute to making the shipping industry
more sustainable and greener.

In addition to that, our products are produced mostly regional. Especially in our time now, it is important to care for our
planet and to share and spread our knowledge in order to contribute to sustainability. Diesel Performance Analyser, like
many other products from CMT, are enabling us to do exactly that: To care for our earth and make the shipping greener.