Since the company was founded in 2003, CMT has enjoyed steady growth. In order to ensure our good service, the development of high-precision products and reliable shipping, we are now building our own headquarter.

After extensive research, our managing director Matthias Winkler found a suitable site and on September 20, 2021, closed the sale on-site with Mayor Manja Biel and Manager for Business Development Sybille Weinmann-Klinkow. By the end of next year, CM Technologies will have moved to Glückstadt.

Glückstadt is a small town, roughly 17 km from our current location, on the Elbe. Each of our visitors from the SMM will know the speciality for which Glückstadt is best known. Our popular matjes rolls come from there.

We are happy to provide information about further news about the construction and look forward to our new company headquarter.


Here you can find the german press release from the city.